Abu Dhabi Science Festival

Abu Dhabi Science Festival

A unique festival for those with an interest in seeing what the world of science has to offer

If you happen to be vacationing in the United Arab Emirates in mid-October (this year’s already passed) and also happen to be a lover of all things science, the Abu Dhabi Science Festival offers a unique chance for families and individuals alike to fill their heads with knowledge.  While many may not see going to a science festival as the best use of their vacation time, this particular event has many things that might appeal to the kids, and the kid in all of us.

Organized by the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee, the festival is designed to appeal to the youth of the country and foster an interest in the many sciences.  Their goal is to increase the knowledge-base of their people and help to build a more technological economy in the future.  For this reason, it is well-funded and presents hundreds of science exhibits.

This last year, more than 120,000 people showed up during the festival’s 11-day run.  It has grown so much that it has expanded beyond just taking place in Abu Dhabi, with smaller, satellite festivals taking place in the surrounding cities.  They’ve also started putting up science demonstrations in malls and other places, to help let people know that the event is being held.

Universities, students, schools and teachers all take part in the festival.  They show kids what can be accomplished by using science and there are presentations of virtually everything, including robotics, biology, electronics, physics, green energy, sound and more.  But it’s more than just a few people talking about things and showing off, many of the displays are interactive so that kids can participate more readily in their own learning.

Abu Dhabi is already one of the most tourist-friendly cities to visit in the Middle East, and the science festival is just one more thing to enjoy while vacationing there.  The event has become rather popular though, so if you have something of interest that you must see, it’s best to reserve a seat early, or you may find yourself standing in line for a while.