The Muscat Festival of Oman

The Muscat Festival of Oman

A month-long celebration of all things cultural in the country.

For a month in the country of Oman, a series of events take place known as the Muscat Festival.  From the last week of January until the end of February sees a wide variety of culturally focused Omani festivities that highlight this unique piece of Western Asia.  They are held in one of two of the city’s parks and Muscat could perhaps more aptly be described as a collection of many festivals, each focusing on a specific area of Omani life and history.


During the festival, people dress in regional costume, creating a bright and traditional procession.  In addition, there are parades and ceremonies and many fantastic displays of swordsmanship held for attendees.

One of the main attractions of the festival is the Omani Heritage and Culture Village.  This virtual community is designed to look like a traditional fort village and create an atmosphere that is genuinely Omani, featuring markets, food and cultural exhibitions.  There are also such events as the Tour of Oman cycle race, Muscat Fashion Week, the Omani Food Festival and many art exhibits.  Concerts go on all throughout the month and there are seemingly endless numbers of performances featuring dancing, fireworks, acrobatics and regional music.

Part of the festival focuses on keeping the kids entertained.  There is an amusement park that features rides, shows organized specifically with children in mind and several educational presentations.

There are few better ways to experience the country of Oman than the Muscat Festival.  You can learn about the country’s culture, have fun and meet the locals.  Currently, this event is not very well known among tourist crowds, so it’s a great time to visit, before the streets become crowded with people.  Just make sure to bring your camera - the variety of sights and sounds will give you the opportunity to take many amazing pictures.